Study finds – a Low Salt Diet is Futile

Researchers have found out recently that a diet low in salt will increase the risk of deaths from strokes and heart attacks. The research is published in the May issue of ‘The Journal of the American Medical Association’.

The study was conducted on 3,681 Europeans who were middle-aged and did not have cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure at that time. They were followed for 7.9 years, on an average. During the research, the participants’ sodium consumption was assessed at the start and at the end of the study.

Dr. Peter Briss, who is a medical director at the study center explained that the study was performed at a lower level, the subjects were young and there were a few cardiovascular cases. As such, it was difficult to get to the final conclusion yet. Nevertheless, the researchers came to a slight conclusion that those individuals who ate less amount of salt were more likely to suffer and die of heart strokes and attacks.

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