Experts Recommend – Dietary Calcium and Supplements before Bone Building Medication

A study conducted at the University of Illinois, suggests that in order to treat osteoporosis, it is effective to first increase the intake of dietary calcium and vitamin D supplements instead of going for bone building medications prescribed by doctors.

The study found that those who increased their calcium and vitamin D intake were likely to increase bone mineral density, resulting in less risk of fractures. This was possible through supplements and food high in calcium and vitamin D.

According to the researchers, 3 glasses of skimmed milk equates to 900 milligrams of calcium. Calcium and vitamin D can also be taken from fortified foods such as soy milk, yogurt, orange juice, cereal, crackers, breakfast bars, bread and pancakes.

Researches recommend a ‘portfolio diet’ which contained nutrients apart from vitamin D and calcium. For health of bone, researchers also urge consumption of adequate proteins, more potassium and magnesium and less amount of sodium.

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