Putting On Weight in Middle Age Could Increase The Chances of Developing Dementia and Alzheimer’s!

575px-Central_Obesity_008If you are fat during your middle-age, there is an 80% possibility of you developing dementia and Alzheimer’s according to a research conducted at The Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

The researchers of this current study gathered information of 8,534 twins aged 65 and above from the Swedish twin registry. The data included height and weight of the twins from 30 years earlier. It was observed that nearly 30% i.e. 2,541 twins were either obese or overweight during their middle age.

Even after taking into consideration the other factors related to dementia such as diabetes, education and vascular disease, the results remained the same.

5% of them who were obese in midlife showed questionable dementia (could not be definitely established) compared to 3% who were obese in their middle age but had no dementia. 7% of them were diagnosed with dementia.

Previous studies have also shown that abdominal obesity has harmful effects on the brain.

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