Monkeys Finding Ways to Cure HIV : Deadly disease so Far for Human Beings

Scientists at the Geneva and Zurich universities have found a certain breed of monkeys known as rhesus or night monkeys who are resistant to HIV due to presence of certain Proteins.
Researcher at the respective university have found the mechanism of few proteins called as TRIM5 which makes this monkeys resistant to HIV proteins. TRIM5 is a cellular protein which in case of HIV infections, intercept the virus as soon as it enters the cells and stops the multiplication of these proteins.
The team of researcher from Swiss universities along with the scholars of USA and France has shown that TRIM5 stimulates the HIV sensor in the innate Immune system which eliminates the pathogen as soon as it comes in contact with the HIV proteins.
More detailed study on the topic can be enlightened in May journal of ai???The Science Dailyai???.

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