Brain Enlargement in Autistic Children Occurs Before They Turn 2 – A Study!

398px-AutismbrainAccording to a follow-up study published in the May issue of “Archives of General Psychiatry”, autistic children who had enlarged brains at the age of 2 did not show any further brain enlargement even after reaching the age of 4 and 5.

The previous study revealed that the brain of 2 year old autistic children was nearly 10% larger than the brain of the children without autism and of same age.

In the current study, it was discovered that the brain enlargement was associated with increased surface area or increased folding on the surface area and not an increase in the outer layer thickness.

According to Heather Cody Hazlett, the lead author of the study, enlargement due to increased folding could be due to genetic factors and elevated levels of neuron production.

Further studies on infants who are at a higher risk of developing autism genetically (having an autistic brother or sister) is being conducted to analyze the possibility of any genetic alterations.

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