Bamboo Shoots: Most Healthy Food to Consume

As per the latest research and development under the Food science and Nutrition field, Bamboo Shoots are the next healthiest food to be consumed.

An Article of May issue in ai???Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safetyai??? reveals the health secrets stored in bamboo shoots. These bamboo shoots can be consumed fresh ,canned or fermented.
These shoots are rich in Nutrient, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and Fibers. The most important point related to bamboo shoots are, they are very low in Fats and sugar content which make them a attractive food menu for the weight conscious people.

Modern technical research has even revealed that these bamboo shoots have lists of health benefits like : Improving digestion, Appetite, weight loss, cancer, curing heart diseases etc. They even have elements of anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial activity along with being a antioxidant.

Bamboo shoots is being used by many small Indian community since ages, but its importance and its nutritionally rich value is being exposed at this Era.

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