Genome Scan Can Help Detect Future Health Risk

Dreaming of long healthy life is no more a dream. We can live long and healthy life by knowing and controlling the health diseases which we will face in our future.

The Latest revolution in the health and science research world is being done by the Stanford university professor Stephen Quake. The printed edition of the results will be published on May 1st 2011at ai???The Lancetai??? journal.

In this latest dawn of genomic study mapping of a genome with the help of an algorithm (a software) is done which automatically tells us about the future health risk that can be faced. While mapping Stephen’s genome, experts designed this software that overlaid his genetic data, based on his age and gender. The study focused on 55 different conditions, like diabetes ,obesity,gum disease and schizophrenia.

This gave a ray of light towards realizing the dream of every human being. Presently, the mapping of the genome is costing $ 50,000 but very soon $1000 genome mapping will be hitting the market.

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