China Bans Indoor Smoking

China has banned public indoor smoking, however skeptics say it may not have a big impact on tobacco smokers. Smoking causes at least one million deaths annually in China. About 30% of Chinese adults, or 300 million citizens, are cigarette smokers.

The Chinese health ministry has banned smoking in restaurants and hotels, though not in workplaces. However, no punishments have been specified for violators, so the ban is not likely to be effective. Experts opine that China earns huge revenues as the state owns a tobacco monopoly. This fact may hinder effective measures against smoking.

Smoking is entrenched in Chinese society and 50% of male doctors are smokers. Chinese people commonly exchange cigarette cartons as gifts. In China, people smoke on airplanes, video game parlors and even hospital waiting rooms, despite a ban on smoking in these places.

The new regulations mandate no-smoking boards to be placed in public venues. Owners of indoor entertainment venues are required to allocate special places for smokers.

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