Top Daily Habits that can Make You Sick

Have you ever thought of your daily habits that can get you sick. Its true that some of your daily habits can get you sick. Some people say that home is where the heart is, but you might not be knowing that more than half of food borne illnesses and 65% of colds are contracted in home only. The things which we perform around the house every day has a great impact on our health. This article talks about some of those important activities which can make you sick. If you also follow those activities, then its time to alter those and protect your health.

Daily Habits That Can Make You Sick

Important Activities Making you Sick

  • Sponge ai??i?? Our kitchen is the most dirtiest place in our home. The sponge which is used to clean vessels and for other scrubbing purposes is the perfect place for germs to thrive. It gives space to different kinds of microorganisms ranging from molds to various types of bacteria. These microorganisms can easily invade your body and can be the cause of various diseases. Thus, it is advisable to sterilize sponge at least every week in a microwave or in a bleaching solution.
  • Vacuum cleaners ai??i?? The dust collected in the bag of vacuum cleaner is the house of various kinds of dust and mites which can spread into air and cause allergies. Indoor dust and pet allergens contains the highest amount of hazardous materials like lead, pesticides, heavy metals and other chemicals. So, it is advisable to clean filters regularly and purchase a vacuum cleaner with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter.
  • Mattresses and pillows ai??i?? These are the best places for dander accumulation. While sleeping on beds and pillows, our body sheds some dead skin cells, called dander which are highly allergenic substances. When dust and mites get settled on dander, they cause several infections and allergies. Thus, it is advisable not to sleep facing the mattress as breathing is very close. Secondly, change your mattresses and keep them in the sun for a few hours as sunlight kills these mites. You can also seal your pillows and mattresses in an allergy-resistant plastic covers.
  • Open windows ai??i?? Open windows will lead to pollen entry into the house and cause allergies. These pollens can get circulated through air conditioning throughout the house. So, you must keep your surroundings clean and after cleaning with vacuum cleaner purify air with air conditioners.
  • Expired foods ai??i?? Many people forget to check the expiry date of edible items while purchasing them. Expired foods can be the cause of several infections and food poisoning. So, it is advisable to always check the expiry date on food items before purchasing them.
  • Aquatic pets ai??i?? People love aquariums in their houses, but they are not aware of the fact they are home to various kinds of germs like bacteria. If the aquariums are not cleaned properly, then they will disseminate bacteria in the home and cause various diseases. Turtles and frogs are known to spread salmonella bacteria which can lead to salmonella poisoning in man. Thus, it is advisable to change the water regularly in an aquarium.
  • Watching television ai??i?? Everyone likes to watch TV at home and relax. While watching TV, they eat chips, munches and puffs which is not at all a good habit. It is the most important cause of obesity and various other diseases.

The above are a few bad habits of daily routine which can make you sick. If you observe these activities in your self and in other family members, then try to change them and make a big difference to your health and your family’s health.

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