Demand to Ban Circumcision Raises Controversy in San Francisco

Activists are demanding that circumcision of children and adolescents should be banned in the city of San Francisco. This has sparked an outcry from Muslim and Jewish groups. The activists say circumcision of children below 18 years could lead to health risks and affect sexual function. They want individuals to decide about their own circumcision, not their parents.

Jewish organizations are protesting the move saying circumcision is an integral part of their faith and has been a safe practice for many thousand years. Muslims are also up in arms as circumcision is also common among them.

The anti-circumcision advocates say this practice is nothing but genital mutilation, which should not be forced on infants and youngsters. Besides, circumcision can be very painful, they allege. The health claims of both pro- and anti- circumcision activists are not backed by medical evidence. Jewish and Muslim groups say this protest violates their privacy, parental and religious rights.

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