Anorexics Find Recovery is Elusive


Anorexics are finding out once you get this disease, it takes years to recover, if at all. Some patients do not recover even after many years. Others suffer relapses after some time. Medical experts reveal 33% of anorexia patients never recover, 33% die because of the disorder and only the remaining third recover to function normally in daily life.

How to Define Recovery?
Researchers are also debating what defines recovery from anorexia, as this disorder affects the patient both physically and mentally. A patient may regain normal weight and start menstruating again. But, she may still be mentally obsessed about her weight, food and figure. In many cases, anorexia gets transformed into the binge-eating disease called bulimia.

Mental Effects
About 50% of anorexics do recover physical health and normal weight, but mentally they still remain preoccupied with their food calories. Because of their mental obsession with food and weight, recovered anorexics face a high risk of relapse. For such people, anorexia becomes a chronic condition like diabetes and they need to be constantly vigilant.

Gradual Recovery
Many doctors say anorexics do not recover completely at one go. Their recovery is gradual and though there might be progress, certain aspects of the disease could continue to haunt them. Thus, physical recovery might not be backed up by mental rehabilitation.

What is Full Recovery?
Some experts say full recovery from anorexia means enjoying food and not obsessing about it, maintaining a healthy weight and disassociating your life from eating and food. Thus, full recovery can be defined as restoration of psychological, emotional, physical and nutritional health. Fully recovered patients overcome judgmentalism, perfectionism, self-abuse and self-criticism about their body shape and appearance.

Always on Guard
Recovering anorexics say they need to be constantly on guard. Stress or tension can make them return to their harmful old ways. These patients say this uncertain mental condition has become a part of their life.

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