New Development in Skin Melanoma Treatment

Experts from the Penn State College of Medicine have discovered a compound ISC-4 which can inhibit a malignant protein responsible for the development of skin cancer melanoma.

The researchers found that the new compound inhibit Akt3 protein which was involved in 70 percent of this skin cancer. The pathway of this protein in disrupted in majority of diagnosed cases. If this protein is stopped, then cell death or apoptosis can be prevented. The results of the study are published in the April 2011 issue of the journal Cancer Prevention Research.

The substance isothiocyantes is found naturally in vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts with anticancer properties. But the concentration of these useful substances is very less to show any beneficial effects.

The experts have developed a new variety of isothiocyantes as ISC-4. This potent compound has been found to reduce the growth of the tumor by 80-90 percent in experimental mice. It is found to be safe.

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