Love-Hate Relationship – Frenemy

Love-hate relationships make a constant appearance in teen romance dramas or books. You know, the good girl-bad boy thing. Usually, in stories depicting teen romances, most of the time two characters are hating each other, but, there is a certain affection that comes out during certain stages of the story. This fluctuating balance between the two emotions (hate and love) has been given the term frenemy.

Frenemy: The best examples one can cite for explaining frenemy is celebrities. We keep hearing of many celebrities who have been divorced, yet maintain a kind of intimacy with their ex. Although, there is no more romance as such in that relationship one may be obliged to show back some commitment still.

The term frenemy (a portmanteau of friend and enemy) has been in existence for almost 60 years now. It is usually used by journalists to justify the rivalry or competition between two individuals or organizations. So, frenemy can be both a personal and a corporate relationship.

A research conducted by the Yale University, Connecticut has observed that one tends to develop frenemy/frenemies due to a low self-esteem.

How to Spot a Frenemy?: Simply putting, a frenemy is neither a true friend nor a complete enemy. So, it sometimes can get really difficult spotting frenemies. Let us look at a few tell-tale signs that will help us know our frenemies.

  • Frenemies are good manipulators, meaning, they are always there to deceive you into choosing something that may not be good for you. At the same time, they are able to convince you that what you chose was the best while they themselves would choose a different one which is actually the best. A little confusing, is it not? This is what manipulating is all about and this where frenemies thrive.
  • Frenemies give you a tough competition. It can be in anything, but frenemies would let his/her friend (competitor know) that he/she is there to win, automatically trying to make you a loser. All this is done in the mask of healthy competition, but the real motive is that he/she should win and you should lose.
  • Frenemies are selfish. They are with you only when they need something from you. But when it comes to returning the favour, well you can figure it out!
  • Frenemies lack honesty. If not always, there will be instances when you would know that your so-called friend has not always been honest with you. This should help you decide if he/she is really a friend of yours.

Being frenemies with someone can bring out the best out of an individual and also the worst at times. I leave you with a few examples of frenemies-

  • Batman and Catwoman
  • Captain Jack Sparrow and captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Bart Simpson and Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons
  • Odo and Quark from Stark Trek: Deep Space Nine

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