Blacks More Willing to Exhaust Savings for Cancer Treatment

Latest research surveys reveal that white people suffering from cancer are less inclined to exhaust personal finances for treatment, compared to other races. Researchers in the U.S. surveyed more than 4,000 cancer patients about their willingness to spend for treatment.

80% of blacks, 72% Asians, 69% Hispanics and 54% whites said they would not mind spending all their savings to extend their life. The researchers analyzed factors like patients’ age, estimated time of survival, life quality, disease stage and income. They found blacks were twice more likely compared to whites in their willingness to exhaust personal funds to extend their life.

Hispanics and Asians were also more inclined than whites to spend all their savings on cancer treatment. The journal Cancer has published this study online. The researchers say more studies are required to investigate the reasons for the different attitudes among various races.

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