Planning to Exercise – Don’t be Late or Lonely!

Planning to Exercise - Don't be Late or Lonely!
Are you planning to start an exercise regime to help lose those extra pounds? Here is an startling revelation! If you are able to find some exercise that lets you to work out regularly with the same group of individuals – and it is what you like the most – then you are treading on the best path. On the contrary, if you plan to work out alone, at the end of the day, then prepare yourself to be overweight forever. Read onto know more about why you should exercise with others and early in the morning.

Positive reinforcement, self-control and social context play important part in exercise adherence. The following article tries to provide exciting insight which can be implemented to increase your chances of following through the activity.

Let’s begin with “what” you choose to follow
Running helps in burning more calories when compared to cycling, although you may enjoy cycling and hate running. According to the theory of Operant conditioning, if a stimulus like exercise induces a positive response, like contentment or enjoyment, then individuals will definitely seek to reproduce those happy feelings by following the behaviour again. The moral of the story: When selecting an exercise regime, try to choose maximum bliss and contentment over maximum results. Believe me, this positive reinforcement will definitely help you to stick with the work out regime.Planning to Exercise - Don't be Late or Lonely!

When countering the next aspect “when”, things get much simpler. The more later in the day you shove your work out session, there are more chances of you bailing out and forgetting about it!

Barbara Brehm, who is a professor of sport and exercise studies at Smith College, Northampton, outlined in her book, “Successful Fitness Motivation Strategies,” that how self-control is considered to be a limiting resource. She also highlighted that the stress and fatigue which you experience during the day slowly erodes your willpower to work out.

She states that individuals who work out in the early hours of the day actually have the highest adherence levels. This is because they have not yet expended energy and time overcoming the obstacles and hassles that inevitably follow during the day.

“Where” and “Who” are crucial points of exercise adherence
Bert Carron phrased this beautifully, “Human beings are wired to co-exist in groups.” He is a professor of kinesiology specialising in sport psychology at the University of Western Ontario. He states that exercising on your own really does not work for many people. The type of individuals you work out with really makes a difference. A perfect saying comes in my mind, “Birds of a feather like to flock together.”

Planning to Exercise - Don't be Late or Lonely!

Carron was one of the co-authors of a 2006 survey on the effectiveness and role play of interventions to enhance physical activity; they analysed 44 studies which consisted of 4,578 participants and lasted from 3 months to a year. This analysis was published in the science journal, Sport and Exercise Psychology Review. The team of scientists observed the effect on adherence of a range of work out scenarios.

As they were looking at numerous studies combined together, they analysed and measured adherence with a parameter called “size effect.” This defined those individuals who worked out alone at home and they had the lowest adherence rates when compared with individuals who exercised with a ‘collective’ group.

Planning to Exercise - Don't be Late or Lonely!

So, the next time you see an advertisement selling exercising equipment like x-Ab-Flexor or Turbo-Fit, all from the comfort of your living room, think again! Consider whether you are really going to use those equipments or watch those exercise DVDs. Here is my simple say – For best exercise routine, don’t be either late or lonely! Start your day with your workout regime and include others. It will energise and motivate you. You will definitely reap the benefits of exercising!

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