Stem Cells & Nanomaterials To Treat Heart Disease!

Human_heartA team of researchers headed by a Physical Chemistry Professor, Yeh Chen-sheng, of National Cheng Kung University has come up with a new strategy to treat cardiovascular disease.

The team has suggested that the combination of stem cells and nanomaterials could be an effective regenerative treatment option for patients suffering from heart diseases.

Nanomaterials are often referred to as multi-taskers as they can perform the following functions once injected into the body. They take the medicine to the specified organ, dissolve it in the damaged cells and track its effects. This aspect of nanomaterials can be an effective treatment option for conditions such as congestive heart failure and cancer.

Low survival rate of stem cells and their usage in the form of injections alone could be time consuming while treating sudden heart attack also known as acute myocardial infarction according to Patrick Hsieh, one of the team members. Organ transplant rejection in treating congestive heart failure is a major hurdle according to him.

The researchers of this study are hoping to begin the next stage, the clinical trial phase in the near future.

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