Protein Resistant to HIV Discovered!

HivA group of researchers from the universities of Zurich and Geneva in collaboration with research teams from France and USA have discovered that some monkeys are resistant to HIV die to the mechanism of a protein named TRIM5.

As soon as the HI virus enters the monkeyai??i??s body, TRIM5 cellular protein detects the virus and prevents the multiplication of it. Although the protein is not new to the scientists, its mechanism was not known earlier.

TRIM5 acts like a sensor in the innate immune system to detect HIV as soon as it enters the body. Following the detection of the virus, immune responses against it are triggered.

HI virus has an outer shell whose components are arranged to form a lattice like structure. TRIM5 attaches itself to the virus after recognizing the lattice structure and releases polyubiquitin chains into the cell, the signal molecules that trigger an anti-viral response.

This modified cell then begins the process of elimination of infected cells by releasing cytokines.

Although, TRIM5 is present in human bodies, it is less effective in fighting against HI virus.

But this mechanism definitely gives another option for the researchers to find a cure for the dreadful disease of AIDS.

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