80,000 Britons on benefits due to Obesity and Addiction

The U.K. government has revealed that greater than 80,000 Britons claim regular payments for prolonged sick leave citing alcohol or drug addiction, or obesity. This is costing Incapacity Benefit seven billion pounds annually.

Of these, greater than 21,200 drug and alcohol addicts have been claiming payments for more than 10 years. Officials say this free dole is trapping recipients in a deadly cycle, diminishing their prospects of ever getting a job.

The U.K. government is trying to reform welfare by assessing the 1.9 million citizens who are on unemployment dole. Ministers want to crack down on those who are not motivated to get a job. But, these unpopular moves could trigger a backlash because the U.K. is facing tough times due to a recession-weakened economy, government spending cuts and rising unemployment.

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