Toxicity of Drugs To Be Tested on Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines!

995871_chemicalsA new project named SCR&Tox was launched in France in the month of January 2011. The main aim of this project which will be financed for a period of 5 years is to come up with new methods to test the toxicity of compounds used in the preparation of drugs, cosmetics and chemical used by humans.

To accomplish this task, pluripotent stem cell lines derived from humans will be used as model cells on which the toxicity will be tested. By testing them on human cells, researchers get an opportunity to study the changes caused by them leading to modifications in biological reactions.

According to the project coordinator, Marc Peschanski, pluripotent stem cells will be taken from donors coming from diverse backgrounds, which enable to study the genetic effects.

The stem cells will then be differentiated into brain, heart, muscle, liver and skin cells. This will be followed by the development of techniques to study the molecular mechanisms after injecting the chemicals.

This project hopes to come up with toxicity assays to test the toxicity of chemicals in the near future.

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