Smoking Quitters Have Less Serious Kidney Cancer

Recent research suggests that kidney cancer is more common and aggressive among heavy chain smokers. 25% of smokers opting for kidney cancer surgery were found to be suffering advanced stages of their disease, compared to only 20% among non-smokers.

Around 70% of patients having tumors at an early stage survive for five years at least. But, if the cancer starts to spread, the survival rates plunges to a mere eight percent. The American Cancer Society reveals that around one in 70 American citizens suffers from kidney cancer. Most of the patients are elderly.

There is good news for smoking quitters. Their chances of getting advanced kidney cancer reduces when they quit smoking. The researchers say quitting smoking slows down tumor growth. The research findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The researchers opine that smoking increases the risk of tumor formation. Smoking can also suppress the immune system, fueling cancer growth. Health experts also say that smokers may be less inclined to get medical care compared to non-smokers.

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