Vehicle Pollution Damages The Brain – A Study!

541531_traffic_jamA new study conducted on mice showed that their brain cells got damaged to a noticeable extent when they were exposed to vehicle pollution for a short period. Moreover, the mice also exhibited some signs such as memory loss, which are usually associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Tiny particulate matter invisible to the naked eye released from the burning fossil fuels was the culprit that caused damage to the brain.

Researchers recreated this environment in the lab and exposed mice and brain cells cultured in a test tube to it. Both of them showed very similar and scary responses.

  • Inflammation was observed in the mice which is a sign of Alzheimer’s disease and premature aging.
  • Nerve cells or neurons responsible for memory retention and learning were damaged to a greater extent.

The mice were exposed to the ‘polluted air’ in the laboratory for a total of 150 hours divided into weekly sessions for 10 weeks.

Further studies can confirm the risk of long-term brain damage in humans.

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