Teenagers Need Better Training to Avoid Road Accidents

Teenage drivers in the U.S. cause 10 times more accidents compared to middle-aged drivers. What is the reason behind this? New research reveals that teenage accidents are not due to rash driving or over-speeding. Teenage drivers make three major mistakes:

  • They get distracted
  • Misjudge driving conditions
  • Do not scan the road properly

Experts say the above common mistakes need to be corrected to improve teenage driving and lower fatalities. The findings of the research study were published in a journal called Accident Analysis and Prevention. Teenage driving rules were made tougher in the mid-1990s. Still, many states give driving permits to even 14- and 15-year-olds.

Tough laws have reduced teenage road fatalities by 30%. But, teenagers still account for four times more traffic fatalities compared to adults. To prevent teenage driving accidents, adults should strictly supervise youngsters’ driving initially.

Another research study suggests that lack of sleep also causes teenagers to crash their cars. Kids who have earlier school timings had higher accident rates. Sleep experts suggest that teenagers who have been up late the previous night should not drive to school the next morning.

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