Side Sleeping Can Reduce Snoring

About 75% of snorers also suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that interrupts breathing at night. Sleep apnea increases the chances of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. To overcome sleep apnea, snorers are advised to sleep sideways and not on the back.

Israeli sleep researchers found that about 54% of sleep apnea sufferers in a study snored when they slept on the back. Weight also plays a big role. A 1997 study found that heavier sleep apnea patients suffered daytime fatigue and worse sleep. This study also reveals that reducing weight helps in mitigating the severity of sleep apnea.

The National Sleep Foundation says overweight people should slim down to cure their sleep apnea and put an end to their snoring habit. Thus, the bottom line is that sleep apnea patients can try to sleep on the side to reduce snoring. But if you are overweight, only slimming down can make much of a difference.

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