Famous People With Narcolepsy ai??i?? History of Stars With This Sleep Disorder

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder that is characterized by excessive sleepiness and a series of auxiliary symptoms. The auxiliary symptoms observed in people suffering from narcolepsy include sleep paralysis, sudden sleep attacks, hallucinations and cataplexy, all of which occur in short bouts before or after sleep periods. This article tells you about some famous people with narcoplesy. These celebrities are a real inspiration as they battled to gain their success, despite this chronic sleep disorder.

Narcoleptics experience a life full of complications. These famous celebrities have managed to battle against this disorder, making their success an inspiration to the common sufferers. Here is a brief history of stars with narcolepsy who were present in various fields of politics, sports and arts.

Famous People with Narcoplepsy from the World of History and Politics
In reviewing the past, there were historical figures with narcolepsy. The three famous figures are Winston Churchill, Harriet Tubman and Harold M. Ickes
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill ai??i?? This admirable personality suffered from narcolepsy. The main reason he suffered from this sleep disorder was because of his irregular sleep patterns. Also he had high blood pressure that played an important role at the time of World War II.

Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman ai??i?? This famous woman, a humanitarian and heroine of anti-slavery movement, suffered from a traumatic head injury which was accidentally inflicted by her masters. She suffered from bouts of unconsciousness, seizures and visions after the trauma. This was attributed to narcolepsy.

Harold M Ickes
Harold M. Ickes ai??i?? This famous personality from the world of politics is the best reported narcoleptic. He was a former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and was once a part of the Clinton administration. Ickes used to take medications to combat narcolepsy so as to avoid falling asleep in the meetings. His consistent effort made him rise high in the political sphere.

Famous Celebrities with Narcolepsy from the World of Arts and Entertainment
Nastassja Kinski
Natassja Kinski ai??i?? She is a famous actress and sex symbol in todayai??i??s world who suffers from narcolepsy. She spoke of her disorder during an interview for her movie, ai???Telegraphai??i?? in 2001, where she said that her overall fatigue at that time was exacerbated by mild narcolepsy. She has acted in more than 60 movies.

Arthur Lowe
Arthur Lowe ai??i?? The best known actor to British audience, Arthur Lowe had narcolepsy. He became more popular after his role as Captain Mainwaring in Dadai??i??s Army. Another celebrity, Jimmy Kimmel, who is known for his late night talk shows among the U.S audience also suffered from narcolepsy. This comedian, talk show host and producer has risen to great heights in the entertainment world.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden ai??i?? In literary circles, there are very few people with narcolepsy. Among them, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, an essayist and science fiction editor, is known to have narcolepsy. She continuously used medications to keep this condition at bay and still was nominated for 5 Hugo awards in her career.

Famous People with Narcolepsy from the World of Sports
Franck Bouyer
Franck Bouyer ai??i?? Though suffering from narcolepsy, this professional cyclist raced for road cycle team Bouygues. To control his narcolepsy during the race, he used the medication Modafinil, but this medication was banned in 2004 and Bouyer was not given any special license to take it. Therefore, he was not able to participate in races until the year 2009 when a new medication, Xyrem, was introduced.

Aaron Flahavan
Aaron Flahavan ai??i?? This professional soccer goalkeeper who played 105 games for Portsmouth FC, died in a tragic car accident in 2001. After the incident, the UK national newspaper, ai???The Independentai??i?? stated saying ai??? Flahavan was having a history of blackouts on the pitch and the police are tracing to establish whether narcolepsy is the reason behind the accident. But it was even found that the alcohol levels in his blood were found to be over the legal levels.

Nicole Jeray
Nicole Jeray ai??i?? This golf pro is another famous narcoleptic. Jeray never gave up her dream, even though she was suffering from acute narcolepsy. In a magazine, Golf Digest, Jime Diaz stated that ai???In this competitive round, Jeray will often be pushed into vigorous, brief sleep nearly 50 times.ai??? Like the other famous personalities mentioned in this article, Jeray also managed to achieve success in her field inspite suffering from this sleep disorder.

These are some of the famous people with narcolepsy, who serve as inspiring role models for any common man suffering from narcolepsy. The most inspiring factor is that though suffering from this disorder, they continued to win laurels in their careers. Hope this article gives you inspiration to achieve success in your dream careers.

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