Experimental Drug Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Growth

Researchers from the UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have found an experimental drug to inhibit to ovarian cancer in laboratory mice. The results of their study are published in April 15 2011 issue of the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

The drug NVP-BEZ235 is found to stop the growth of those cancer cells which have become resistant to platinum chemotherapy drugs. The drug also succeeded in making these malignant cells sensitive to the standard treatments of cancer.

The achievement of this research is considerable because at some point of the treatment, tumors in ovarian cancer patients become resistant to the drug. While 22,000 women are diagnosed with this ailment, an estimated 14,000 of them die every year.

The focus of their study was the pathway PI3Kinase/Akt/mTOR, whose activation lead to the aggressiveness of the disease and its metastasis.
The NVP-BEZ235 drug blocked this pathway in the experimental mice and there was a decrease in the growth of the malignant cells.

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