Dogs and Humans Share Common Breast Cancer Tumor Receptor

Austrian researchers from the Vetmeduni Vienna and the MedUni Wien, have found that both dogs and humans share a common cancer tumor marker. They have discovered that the marker CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) is found in high levels in the blood of dogs and women suffering from breast cancer in particular.

The marker plays a vital role in the communication of cancer cells through its receptor. Though the structure of the marker’s molecule is complex in both the species, its receptor’s structure remains the same.

The researchers believe that though the CEA molecule is evolutionarily very old, its receptor has more biological importance in the body. Owing to this reason, the molecular structure of the receptor of CEA marker did not change over time in both dogs and humans.

The shorter life span of the dogs can provide the researchers with faster results of their study. Further efforts are focused on developing therapeutic ways of addressing breast cancer with the already available knowledge.

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