Vegetarians at Lower Risk of Developing Metabolic Syndrome

According to a research study, experts from the Loma Linda University have found that vegetarians are 36 less at risk of developing diabetes, heart ailments and stroke when compared to non-vegetarians. The result holds good if even factors like race, physical activity, gender, age, smoking, alcohol intake and calories consumed are taken into account.

The pre-cursor for the mentioned conditions is technically known as metabolic syndrome. The study found 25 percent vegetarians to have this condition. The percentages were 37 and 39 percent in semi-vegetarians and non-vegetarians respectively.

The study emphasizes the important of eating and diet in preventing the prevalent conditions of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. The vegetarians had lower blood sugar levels, triglycerides, blood pressure, circumference of waist and body mass index. In comparison to the non-vegetarians, the semi-vegetarians had lower values of these factors.

The figures were obtained by conducting a long term study on 700 individuals randomly chosen as participants from the United States and Canada.

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