Stem Cells To Produce Meat – Read on!

1068410_3_sausagesEver wondered how the food demands of increasing population will be met? Well, stem cells have put a step forward and came up with a solution for this global problem! All of this without causing damage to the plant and animal world.

A group of scientists from Aarhus University, Denmark, have come up with a new possibility of developing meat (muscle) cells from stem cells in the laboratory.

According to Niels Oksbjerg, the lead author of the study, a single embryonic stem cell taken from a calf can be multiplied in the lab to produce innumerable number of same type of cells. To be precise, one stem cell is capable of producing meat for the entire world.

Although the researchers have been growing muscle cells for several experimental purposes in the laboratory, now the challenge in front of them is to come with a strategy that makes these cells grow in multi-layers forming a three dimensional lump.

If the cells continue to grow in single layers, in order to produce 2.5g of meat one square meter area is needed.

This type of laboratory meat can either be produced from embryonic stem cells derived from embryos of farm animals or adult muscle stem cells of animals.

According to the group, since muscle cells and fat cells can be grown together, the meat to be produced can be designed to have the nutritional value and taste as that of the animal meat.

Initially, the laboratory meat can act as a replacement for the meat in sausages, pizza fillings and meatballs.

Although it is difficult to feed the entire population with this single option, it definitely has secured a place for itself in the list of future ‘possible’ options. This technique indeed has the capability to solve the food problem in several under developed countries.

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