Night Shifts Can Cause Health Risks

A recent research study reveals that night shift workers frequently fall asleep during their duty time. Surveys reveal that 30% to 50% of night shift employees confessed to falling asleep on duty at least one each week.

This is especially dangerous in occupations like air traffic controlling. Recently, a controller was caught asleep on duty at night at a bustling Miami regional airport. Luckily, there was no damage. Other night shift workers such as airline pilots, bus and truck drivers, firefighters, police and emergency workers also face the same risks.

Sleep experts say today 28% of the population sleep for less than six hours at night, a drastic rise from just two percent, 50 years ago. Night shift workers face such health risks as impacted learning, memory and concentration, chronic heart and intestinal diseases, and even certain types of cancer. In fact, the World Health Organization says shift work is a possible carcinogen.

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