Nanofiber Spheres to Improve Tissue Repair Techniques

Scientists from the University of Michigan have succeeded in developing nanofiber spheres which can carry cells to a wound site, biodegrade their and allow the cells in healing the wound. Results of the study are published in the April 2011 issue of the journal Nature Materials.

Tissue repair is a difficult task as it is not possible to get donor tissues which can match the cells of the host and proliferate faster to heal wounds. The new method is also better than ACI technique where a personai??i??s own cells are injected at the injury site. Demerit of the ACI method is that it lacks a stimulant carrier which can activate the local environment at the injury site to commence cell repair.

The nanofiber spheres are these carrier stimulants which not only transport healthy cells at the repair site but also initiate the process of healing by creating favorable conditions. It is not directly involved thereafter and biodegrades.

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