Metabolo – Genomics : Novel Anti-Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the Kimmel Cancer Center have found a new mechanism by which the cancer cells undergo recurrence, metastasis and evade treatments. The knowledge has lead to development of new treatment approach called “Metabolo – Genomics” for cancer, based on the metabolism of the rogue cells and their gene profiling. The results of the study are published in the April 15 2011 issue of the journal Cell Cycle.

Foods high in energy were long suspected by the researchers to provide energy to the rogue cells. These foods contain ketones and lactate. As a part of the research effort, two genetically identical cancer cells were considered. One of them was fed foods rich in energy. The genetic profiling of this cell later predicted the outcome of the ailment and the treatment.

The new finding reveals that the high energy food provides the cancer cells stem cell-like qualities and aid in its ability to evade treatments. In this way, it is learnt that mutation is not only the mechanism by which cancer cells can become drug resistant.

Diabetes drug like metformin can be useful in inhibiting the metabolism of these high energy foods inside the malignant cells. The drug can be an anti-cancer targeted therapy medication in near future.

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