Kidneys Grown From Stem Cell Mixture!

391479_arteriographyScientists from Scotland have succeeded in growing kidneys from stem cells in the laboratory, igniting a new hope among diseased patients who have been in the queue of organ seekers for organ transplantation.

The team of researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland have persuaded the stem cells to grow into kidneys.

You will be surprised to know that the length of these kidneys is just half a centimeter. This kidney size is found in a fetus inside mother’s womb. Once these tiny kidneys are transplanted into a human body, they might be able to grow to their full size according to the team of researchers.

The mixture of amniotic fluid stem cells and embryonic stem cells gave rise to these kidneys.

Since amniotic fluid is easily available, it can be collected during birth and stored for future use. Moreover, due to the nativity of these cells, the risk of rejection when an organ transplant is done is reduced.

Following the footsteps of the researchers’ team from Michigan who successfully generated kidney stem cells from embryonic stem cells, the current team was able to create human kidneys from amniotic fluid stem cells taken from human amniotic fluid.

According to the lead author of this study, Professor Jamie Davies, the main idea of the research was to begin the experiment with human stem cells and end with an organ.

They crossed the first hurdle by transforming the floating stem cells in a test tube to a complex, anatomically organized fetal kidney. The adult kidney is yet to be generated.

Now that they have an organ in front of them, scientists want to take a step ahead and understand the signal transmission mechanism between both the stem cell types (embryonic and amniotic fluid), which has lead to the formation of kidneys.

Once they solve this puzzle, kidneys can be grown exclusively from stem cells extracted from amniotic fluid.

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