New Potential Treatment for Neurofibrosis Type 2 Discovered

Neurofibrosis is an inherited genetic disorder. It has two types namely the type 1 and type 2. The latter comprises of 10 percent cases of this disorder. It is caused by mutation in the gene NF2. There is no treatment available for this ailment.

Experts from the Wister Institute have discovered that the Merlin Protein produced by the gene NF2 works in association with another protein Angiomotin. Both these proteins together carry out communication and division of the cancer cells. The results of the study are published in the April 12 2011 issue of the journal cancer cell.

Angiomotin protein is found to play a pivotal role in the movement of malignant cells while they form the blood vessels of the tumor. According to the experts, new drugs can now be developed to target this protein.

As a result, the supply of nutrients to the tumor through the essential blood vessels would cease to exist. This will make the cancer cells die because of starvation.

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