Top 10 Foods Causing Sickness

Sometimes, eating even the healthiest food can make us sick. Food poisoning is a horrible experience which can be life threatening also. However, It is hard to determine if the food is safe to eat because problems are relatively rare. If you are aware about the potentially risky foods, it can help you a lot. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has published a list of some FDA-regulated foods which have caused outbreak since 1990.

It is required to be aware of such foods, but do not avoid eating these foods. Sarah Klein, CSPI staff attorney says, “They are everywhere and are part of a healthy diet”. These foods can be the cause of food poisoning because of improper handling and cooking. Lets discuss some foods that can make you sick.

Foods Causing Illnesses
Foods Causing Illnesses

  • Leafy Greens – Everyone knows about the health factor of green leafy vegetables, but these vegetables have the possibility to get contaminated with dirty water, manure and harmful bacteria. They can be infected with bacterias like Salmonella and E.coli. Thus, to avoid contamination of green leafy vegetables, it is necessary to wash
    several times under running tap water.
  • Canned fish – Fishes like mackerel and tuna releases several toxins if they are not cooked properly and also, if they are stored below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. To check the contamination level of canned fishes, just check the expiry date before purchasing canned fish. To prevent undesirable health consequences, proper cooking is required.
  • Other sea foods – Oysters reside on the ocean floor and they live through filter feeding, before they are being transformed into a valuable delicacy. If they are filtering contaminated water, then oyster can also become contaminated. Improper handling can also cause their contamination. If the oysters are served raw or undercooked, then they can contain several germs, especially a gut churner norovirus and a bacterium called Vibrio vulnificus. These germs can lead to vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
  • Sea foods

  • Ground meat – This type of meat is easily prone to contamination because such kind of meat has to pass through various processes during the whole procedure.
  • Other meats – Pork and chicken can also get contaminated easily. Pork meat is contaminated with various parasites which can grow anywhere inside our body. Tainted meat should be avoided. If it has become discolored while in the refrigerator, then it is better to throw in the garbage can.
  • Foods Causing Sickness

  • Eggs – If eggs are not cooked properly, they form a breeding zone for various bacteria. These bacteria can be the cause of several intestinal problems and in people with weak immune system, it may lead to death. The most common bacteria is Salmonella which can lurk inside the egg and cause diseases in people consuming eggs. Thus, it is required to cook the eggs properly to kill the germs. The expiry date over the carton carrying eggs should always be checked.
  • Dairy products

  • Dairy products -Various types of food borne illnesses can be caused due to consumption of dairy products such as cheese and ice creams. If egg is used for making ice creams at home, it can cause it to get contaminated. It can also become unfit before its use. Cheese can become contaminated with bacteria like Listeria and Salmonella. Such bacteria can also cause miscarriages. Cheese made with raw milk or unpasteurized milk should be avoided. Milk of a sick cow should not be consumed.
  • Sprouts – Sprouts which are known to be extremely healthy and rich in protein content are vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Impure water and some warm growing conditions can lead to growth of harmful bacteria. Consumption of raw sprouts should be avoided by children and elderly people with weak immune system. They can take sprouts in steamed form.
  • Restaurant foods – Restaurant food consuming people are more prone to infections as compared to people who eat food at home. Mass production of foods containing eggs increase the risk of illness in restaurants. Thus, it is important to remember to avoid eating fast foods, poorly cooked or undercooked foods.
  • Potatoes – Potato that is not cleaned properly or not cooked properly can be the cause of illnesses. The outbreaks caused by potato can be traced to germs like Shigella, Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli.

Thus, above foods guide you about the illnesses they can cause. It is required to properly clean the food prior to cooking and cook properly. Like in real lives, sometimes heroes can turn out to be villains, similarly healthy foods can also make you sick. Hence, you must apply proper food safety rules while eating them and remain healthy always.

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