Lung Transplantation Could Now Be Possible

Lung transplantation could now become a reality thanks to the Toronto XVIVO System. This system can help treat and improve the functions of donor lungs so that they can be made useful for transplantation. Donor lungs are easily susceptible to a number of injuries which can occur due to the intensive care techniques or during brain death. Or sometimes, the lungs are usually retrieved before they have enough time to heal from their injuries. Due to these problems, only a mere 15 percent of the donor lungs were possibly useful for transplantation purposes.

But now that this Toronto XVIVO system is into place, the donor lungs can be assessed for their functionality before the transplantation and also provide the necessary help for helping the lung heal. The clinical trail which was performed at the Toronto General Hospital between the years 2008-2010 has helped doctors test the Toronto XVIVO System and now they opine that the availability of this system would open up donor pools and also better the possibilities of transplantation.

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