Key Substances That Bitter Beer Identified

Unlike scotch whisky, bourbon or wine, beer tastes bitter and harsh as it ages. Beer is best consumed when it is fresh. But, consuming fresh beer may not be possible at all times. Beer stored for any period between 6-12 months after being manufactured would begin to lose its taste and start tasting bitter. Until now, the substances that lead to this phenomenon of bittering the beer were not identified. A recent research has been able to identify the culprits that are responsible for the bitter taste of aged beer.

These substances called the prenylated polyketides are the ones responsible for this phenomenon. Doctors have identified 56 such substances after researching on various commercial beers. Out of the 56, 5 substances are known to be primarily responsible for the bad taste that beer develops. With this research, doctors have been able to identify that storing beer at lower temperatures would control its pH and thus slow the bittering process.

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