DNA Enzyme as Anti-Cancer Therapy

Experts from the Scripps Research Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have discovered an enzyme which plays a vital role in DNA replication. This enzyme can be used to develop a novel treatment for cancer. Results of the research study are published in the April 15, 2011 issue of the journal Cell.

The enzyme FEN1 belongs to a group of this chemical known as flap endonucleases. The role of FEN1 enzyme in tumor aggression is well known. As a part of the research effort, the experts created crystals in the laboratory with DNA strands finely cut in them. This is a vital step in the replication of the DNA done by the FEN1 group of enzymes.

The achievement has helped the experts to gain more insight into the manner in which this enzyme plays its role in DNA replication. The researchers are of the opinion that developing FEN1 inhibitors can inhibit cancer and other dreadful human ailments in the future.

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