50% of U.S. Adults Take Supplements and Vitamins

Government figures reveal that about 50% of U.S. adults regularly take dietary supplements and vitamins. This level has held steady for almost a decade. And, a rising number of elderly women are increasingly taking more calcium. About 60% of older women aged 60 and more take calcium supplements. Calcium keeps the scourge of osteoporosis at bay among the elderly.

The information was obtained from nationwide surveys of greater than 2,000 adults annually. To verify their claims, interviewers checked if the respondents had the supplement bottles. Multivitamins were the most used supplement.

Most of the respondents who take supplements are well off, educated, eat heartily and get the needed nutrients from their diet. Health officials say before taking supplements, people should get the green signal from their doctor first. They should also try out enriched foods which can give them the needed nutrients. This report was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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