Now, Sesame Street to Edutain Pakistani Kids

sesame street

The United States will try to win Pakistani hearts by televising the popular kids’ show Sesame Street in that country. USAID says Sesame Street will be translated in regional languages to promote messages such as tolerance and girl power.

The telecast of the show will start in September on Pakistan Children’s Television. It will be complemented by multi-media versions, books and live performances. Sesame Street has been previously used successfully in Egypt and South Africa to spread social messages. USAID will provide $20 million to the show’s creative directors in Lahore.

Sesame Street will be modified to suit Pakistani sentiments and values. However, there is a threat from fundamentalist elements who oppose Western influences on Pakistan. The producers of the show say Sesame Street will counter these threats by teaching children in a colorful and joyous manner.

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