Eating Salmon and Herring When Pregnant Could Lower Postpartum Depression

A research conducted at the University of Connecticut School has confirmed that the intake of fish like salmon or herring during pregnancy would lower the symptoms of postpartum depression drastically. Not only that, but the infant would also be in a good physical condition at the time of birth. All this is because of the omega-3 fatty acids that are present in these fish. According to many cultures, fish is known to be brain food. But now, this has been proven scientifically as well.

As part of the research, 52 pregnant women were given either a fish oil capsule or a corn oil capsule. The fish oil capsule consisted of 300mg DHA (DHA belongs to the omega-3 fatty acids family). These women were asked to take the capsules 5 days a week i between their 24th-40th weeks in pregnancy. After pregnancy it was observed that women who took the fish oil capsule were experiencing negligible symptoms of postpartum depression.

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