What is Epicondylitis?

Epicondylitis is the term used to describe the injury caused to your elbow due to repeated movements or the combination of inflammation and pain of soft tissues and muscles around epicondyle, a rounded projection at the bones end that attaches tendons and ligaments.

Inflammation of epicondyle is categorized under sports injury, which develops as a result of the repetitive stress and trauma caused to a specific part of the body. Minor inflammation may lead to chronic injury or inflammation when the repetitive movement causes muscle tear. The injury may become severe if the torn muscle is not given enough healing time.

Types of Epicondylitis:

Two types of this medical condition have been identified. Both these types are caused by chronic overuse of elbow joint. The only difference is the epicondyle that is affected.

  1. Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow:
  2. This condition is frequently found in people whose job demands the movement of their forearms in a repeated manner. Inflammation of tendons and muscles in the elbow region results in tennis elbow. In this condition lateral epicondyle, which is located on the outer side of the elbow is affected.

  3. Medial Epicondylitis or Golfer’s Elbow:

It is the inflammation of the flexor muscles found in the wrist area. Regular golf players are at an increased risk of falling victim to this condition. Medial epicondyle or the epicondyle inside the elbow is affected in this condition.

Treating Epicondylitis:

  • Since it is a result of the over usage of elbow joint, the best way to treat the condition is to give ample rest to this particular by not moving it and giving it enough time to heal properly.
  • If you are a sports person, do not be in a rush to attend the practice sessions until the inflammation reduces completely.
  • Protecting the affected muscle by wrapping it and placing ice packs on the joint for about fifteen minutes will work as catalysts in improving the condition.

You can opt for physical therapy after consulting your doctor, if the above mentioned options do not reduce the pain and inflammation.

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