Stem Cell Injections Given To Improve Effectiveness of Cardiac Bypass Surgery!

718085_heartIf you are a heart patient, has been advised to undergo cardiac bypass surgery and if your ejection fraction is 40% or less, then you might want to enter the clinical trial being conducted by The Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center in Houston, Texas.

Stem cells derived from patientsai??i?? own bodies are being injected into their hearts during cardiac bypass surgery.

A cardiac bypass is performed to restore the blood flow through arteries when they get blocked partially. They are the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart.

According to Dr. Brian Bruckner, the principal investigator of this study and a cardiac surgeon, the main aim of this research study is to assess the potential of injected stem cells in generating new blood vessels that improve the functioning of heart at a faster pace when compared to the results obtained after bypass surgery alone.

This combinatorial procedure of surgery and injecting stem cells begins with harvesting the patientai??i??s stem cells from bone marrow on the operation table under anesthesia. The surgery begins once the bone marrow stem cells are harvested.

By the time the bypass comes to an end, these cells will be processed after separating from bone marrow. After the completion of surgery, the separated stem cells will be injected into the patientai??i??s heart.

By simultaneously performing the surgery and stem cell harvest, patient can have the added advantage of not going under the knife for second time.

According to Dr. Kevin Lisman, the co-investigator of this study, nearly 42 patients will be selected randomly and enrolled for this trial study.

Harvest Technologies has developed the technology that separates the stem cells from bone marrow and processes them at a rapid rate to reintroduce into the body, while the patient is still lying on the operating table.

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