How Inflammation of Pancreas Leads to Cancer – Revealed by Research

Inflammation of pancreas is a risk factor for developing cancer in the organ. It has been a mystery for the health care professionals to find out why it is so.

But, researchers from the University of San Francisco, California have partially succeeded in finding the answer. The results of their study are published in the April 2011 issue of the Journal Cancer Cell.

The experts have found that the levels of two proteins, namely Stat3 and MMP7, are high in inflamed pancreas. The former protein initiates the development of cancer and the latter plays its role in spreading the ailment to fresh and remote locations of the body. The protein MMP7 can also serve as a marker to diagnose the aggression of the cancer.

As a part of the research, when the experts succeeded in reducing the levels of these proteins, the inflammation decreased along with the slowing down of metastasis. This knowledge can be used to develop effective drugs of pancreatic cancer.

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