Cardio Capoeira ai??i?? Dance Your Way To Better Health!

Kicks and flips are great ways to boost your body and tone your muscles. Now for that great flips and kicks, here is a dance workout called the Cardio Capoeira. This Afro-Brazilian martial art is a combination of dance, acrobatics, combat, and music. This makes it one of the unique forms of exercise and exotic martial arts. African slaves originally developed this dance form. This was a means of rebelling during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade between the 17th and 19th centuries. Since then, this dance workout has grown in popularity and has been used in many of the Hollywood movies like the ai???Oceans Eleven.ai???


This martial act helps you to develop self-defence techniques and you can even feel the adrenaline rush that pumps throughout the body. This dance or martial art form not only tones your body to perfect shape but also teaches you self-defence. So, wear your dancing shoes and get started by learning this workout called the Cardio Capoeira and dance your way to better health!


Cardio Capoeira ai??i?? What is It?
This combination of dance and combat involves a group of people standing in circle and clapping to the rhythm. This is done with three musicians and then, two people jump into the centre from the circle. This is followed by a beautiful display of flips and kicks. Each of them executing movements in very close proximity but just missing each other. This is Capoeira an Afro-Brazilian dance and martial act.

This close combat involves kicking, flipping, and some dance moves. This was intended as a dance form for the slaves to train themselves to fight in secret. While learning the movements, you need to learn combinations of each movement. Each of the movement is incorporated in such a way, allowing a roda (circle) to become the conversation movement.

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In each movement, two people enter the circle or roda and begin to kick, sweep, and strike and do other martial moves. The movements can be awkward for the novices but after a few classes of training, you will have better coordination and confidence. This in turn improves the muscle tone, endurance, and flexibility.

Beginners start with the basics that include ginga (sway), which is a side-to-side motion. The other movements are based on this sway motion. Then there is esquiva (escape), which is a defensive dodge and simple kicks. In this dance cum martial form, the emphasis is on kicks rather than punches.


Cardio Capoeira ai??i?? A Way of Life

According to Mestre Eclilson De Jesus, a Vancouver based instructor in Canada who has been teaching this workout since 1990, it is more than exercise. He describes it as a way of life. This helps people to have a strong and healthy life. Apart from teaching, he is also a stunt performer in the Vancouver film industry.

He further states that, this is a unique form when compared to the other martial acts. It needs a multidisciplinary approach because it is regarded as a game rather than fight. However, this approach and attitude does not make it less demanding physically. Beginners can pick it but true mastery needs years of practice and dedication.

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Cardio Capoeira ai??i?? It is for Everyone
Capoeira can be learned by all age groups; however, some of the acrobatics and flashy kicks can be challenging for the older practitioners. One of the student Grace Jazz Mc Nab states that at the age of 43, she started Capoeira. In the initial days, it was a bit difficult, but these difficulties far outweigh the benefits. It is a superb combination of music, acrobatics, dance, and street one-on-one combat.

De Jesus further adds on that the main objective of this workout is to balance the mind and the body. Children benefit the most from Capoeira as it makes them healthy and gives the required discipline by making them stronger. Many people enjoy this physical exercise and feel it as fun. It even works as a calorie scorcher by making you sweat a lot. People who watch this rare dance and martial form are filled with loads of energy and positive vibes as well.

Music of Capoeira
The music is the only factor that separates this martial act from the others. In the roda (circle), music dictates the style and speed of play by keeping the rhythm and the positive energy. The three instruments are:

  • Pandeiro ai??i?? Better known as a tambourine
  • Atabaque ai??i?? A single drum
  • Berimbau ai??i?? A bow like stringed instrument that leads the rhythm

Instruments are taught after the basic movements. All are encouraged to participate in the music by singing and clapping along the music. This dance form is taught at many of the local community centres and martial art studios.

Now that you have known much about this martial or dance form, why donai??i??t you learn this unique form of martial arts to get the unique benefits of self-discipline, calming one self and many others. Hope you start this excellent workout as soon as possible and until then happy learning!

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  1. I am passionate about dance and believe it is the best heritage from every culture. I enjoy this article a lot. It is concise but loaded with infomation about every aspect of Capoeira from its origin, its meanings, evolving context and its relevance to mind and body for eveyone.

    The concept of cardio-capoeira is extremely relevant to its specific benefits as a dance form, both distinct and similar to many other dances: http://artpreneure.blogspot.com/2011/08/health-benefits-of-dancing-including.html

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