New Guidance Molecules Therapy To Alleviate Inflammation in Arthritis Patients

A research conducted at the Charite Universitatsmedizin, Berlin has discovered a new therapy called guidance molecules that can lower the anti-inflammatory reactions in the body. Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis are the resultant of autoimmune disorders in the body. In autoimmune responses, for some unknown reason the body’s immune system attacks the body itself ultimately causing severe joint damage. This new guidance molecules therapy can control this autoimmune response there by, controlling the inflammation and the damage that the joints suffer.

The researchers made use of two particular guidance molecules, viz. repulsive and attractive. While the repulsive molecules control the inflammation, the attractive molecules prompt the growth of nerve fibers at the proper locations. The researchers feel that this new method is much more softer on approach when compared to corticosteroids. Apart from rheumatoid arthritis, patients suffering from blood poisoning can also benefit from this new therapeutic approach.

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