Eating Strawberries May Prevent Esophageal Cancer

A report presented by Dr. Tong Chen at the 102nd meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Orlando has suggested that eating strawberries can slow the growth of esophageal cancer and also prevent it in people who are at a risk of developing the disease. According to the report, the doctors used the strawberry treatment for six months after which lesions and molecular activity associated with precancerous growth in the esophagus was reduced considerably. The report also suggests that this treatment is both safe and easy.

Prior to working on this strawberry therapy, the same team headed by Dr.Chen found out that frozen and dried strawberries could inhibit tumor development in a rat’s esophagus. This lead to the new findings and the research has concluded that cancerous biomarkers like cell inflammation and gene transcription were suppressed remarkably through the consumption of strawberries.

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