Omega-3-Fatty Acids – Booster for Tamoxifen therapy

Researchers from the Fox Chase Cancer Center have found that intake of Omega-3-Fatty acid nutrient can boost the effectiveness of the drug tamoxifen in treating breast cancer. The results of the findings were presented the AACR 102nd Annual Meeting 2011 on April.

As a part of the study, researchers fed experimental rats with tumor, diets containing 17 percent fish oil and 20 percent corn oil. The results were compared with a group of rats left untreated. The study found that the signs of severity of the disease were less in rats which were fed fish oil diet.

The diet along with prescribed breast cancer drug tamoxifen was successful in reducing the growth and spreading of the breast cancer tumor.

The fish oil diet strengthened the natural defense mechanism of the body, the immune system too, to fight against cancer. But, in the process certain side effects live inflammation and allergic reactions were also reported to develop. Owing to this reason, further study on the subject is warranted.

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    I know what you mean Some comments about the report in dawn.com
    saying that omega 3 can relieve
    the fatigue a lot of cancer patients experiencing …
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