Europe Bears Burden of Alcohol-linked Cancer

Scientists have revealed alarming data about the havoc caused by alcohol addiction in western Europe. They estimate that alcohol is responsible for 10% of all cancers suffered by men in west Europe and three percent in women.

German researchers studied data gathered from Denmark, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Britain, Spain, Italy and France. They found that a majority of cancer cases including throat and bowel tumors were caused because of over-drinking.

Health organizations recommend that men should restrict themselves to a couple of alcohol drinks a day and women to just one. U.K. researchers attribute the recent rise in mouth cancer cases in Britain to binge alcohol drinking.

Health experts link alcohol consumption to cancers of the bowel, colon, breast, liver, throat and mouth. They say this research highlights the need for western Europeans to stick to recommended drinking limitations. The study was published in the British Medical Journal.

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