Synthetic Marijuana Can Send You to ER

David Rozga experimented with synthetic marijuana last year. The results were deadly, and Rozga confessed he felt like being in hell. Because of this, the teenager committed suicide. Rozga was not alone. Several other deaths have been attributed to the use of K2 and other synthetic drugs.

Researchers say synthetic marijuana can cause hallucinations, seizures and serious illness. But, they are easily available even for just $10. The growing popularity of synthetic marijuana is sending thousands to hospital emergency rooms with such complaints as delusions, paranoia, rapid heartbeat and labored breathing. The symptoms could even last for days.

So far this year about 2,700 people have been treated in hospitals after using synthetic drugs. The patients complained about experiencing extreme paranoia. They had hallucinations about aliens, demons and monsters. Many of them even experienced suicidal thoughts.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has banned five chemicals used in synthetic marijuana. But, makers of these dangerous drugs adapt quickly and come up with new formulas to beat the system. Synthetic marijuana is also popular because it cannot be detected in drug tests.

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