Sugar Levels Increase After Drinking Coffee Says Research

80 percent of people all over the world consume coffee every daily. There are 220 million diabetic patients worldwide. Though these two statistics appear to be unrelated, a new research study published in April 2011 issue of the Journal of Caffeine Research has revealed otherwise.

Experts from the Duke University also support the finding. According to them consumption of coffee after high carbohydrate diet, increases the blood sugar level to the extent that pre-diabetics might turn into diabetics.

The treatment process can get severely hampered in type 2 diabetic patients if they drink coffee in spite of elevated glucose levels in their body.

The present finding supports the conclusions of the previous study carried on this topic by Duke University researchers in January 2008.

They found that drinking coffee raised blood sugar levels by 9, 15 and 26 percent after breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. On an average, it increased the glucose levels in the blood by 8 percent.

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